A positive post

Some people may see my constant posts debunking the inaccuracies from the “other side” as negative.  So, here is a list of all the things I am in favor of.

I am in favor of:
I believe in love

  • love
  • making my own healthcare decisions
  • being able to defend myself without allowing others to go on mass killing sprees
  • taking care of our poor and elderly
  • making it attractive to invest without letting people rob America
  • not letting people hold America hostage just because they are a bad businessperson and own a bank
  • moderation of ideas and rhetoric
  • letting people know it’s OK to have whatever beliefs they want as long as they don’t try to impose those beliefs on others
  • letting people have privacy in their home/church/doctor’s office
  • the idea that abortion is an awful thing that people do not take lightly, and we should trust that people are getting them for very good reasons (that are none of our business)
  • the idea that even people who have not invested a ton of money in America have invested their blood, sweat and tears and they are worth JUST AS MUCH to this country as the rich folks
  • the idea that money should not be a deciding factor in whether you can get a good education in this country (K-12 plus college)
  • treating women as capable of deciding when and under what circumstances they would like to have children
  • treating the environment as the precious, finite and fragile thing that it is
  • realizing that our non-renewable resources are taking us to the brink of disaster
  • moving away from GDP as the measure of the strength of our country and moving to a system that acknowledges that the strength of our citizens is directly proportional to the strength of our country
  • taking money out of the political process and putting citizens back in
  • making it legal to grow a damn garden on your front lawn no matter where you live
  • really small and micro businesses and how we can nurture them
  • raising polite, adventurous, creative, hard-working children who will set the tone for the future of this country
  • finding sources of energy that don’t involve polluting the air, water or soil
  • vegetables that do not contain fish genes
  • better educating prospective parents
  • spending more money preventing environmental disasters and less money cleaning them up
  • prosecuting and imprisoning the executives of companies whose products/processes are proven to cause deaths that they could anticipate
  • and a million other things…

That’s my list for today.  Enjoy.

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