A busker in Rutland

A real, live busker!

I am so excited right now! I just saw the first busker I have ever seen in Rutland. He was on Center Street outside my office window, and he didn’t sound half bad. Having traveled in Europe quite a bit, I have an affinity for buskers. A lot of times, people have their hands out begging, but a busker is making a trade with you. He is offering up entertainment, and he hopes that you will feel it is worth a few dollars. So, each party in that arrangement is both giving and receiving something. It feels right.

A busker in Rutland

I will never forget the time I first walked into Covent Garden in London, and there was a busker playing Hey Joe by Jimmie Hendrix. I was so moved by his performance, and it seemed so surreal because of the place I was at in my head at that time. When I went back to London last year, Covent Garden was eerily empty of buskers because they had cleaned it out due to security concerns for the Olympics. It was a totally different place, and I hope the colorfulness of the area was able to return.

Anybody know this guy?

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