An impressive accomplishment: Vermont Farmers Food Center

Once again, I am impressed with how far Rutland has come toward being a super cool place to live.  This time, it’s their new winter farmers market, located in the Vermont Farmers Food Center.  We all know that I love a good farmers market, and this is a good farmers market.  Winter farmers markets have been popping up all over Vermont to serve the needs of locavores and those who desire fresh, safe produce throughout the year.

Rutland winter farmers market

Clearly there aren’t a lot of crops that can be grown in the winter, but there are some – leeks, kale, brussels sprouts, potatoes, cabbage.  My tiny town even has a winter CSA.

Hardy vegetables at Rutland winter farmers market

Potatoes at Vermont Farmers Food Center

Cabbages at Vermont Farmers Food Center

Vermont apples at the farmers market

The farmers market has much more than crops, though.  It also has honey, maple syrup, soap, jewelry, prepared foods, ground and whole bean coffee, pastries, bread, wine, and so much more.  I bought some shortbread cookies made by a woman from Edinburgh who also makes savory scones.

Fresh home-made pies in at Rutland winter farmers market

Preserves at Rutland winter farmers market

Locally made Vermont wine

Vermont-made bread

Vermont-made soap

Jams and preserves made in Vermont

According to their website, the market was supposed to open at 10:00, but I arrived at 10:05, and the place was already packed!  The atmosphere was festive, and everyone was friendly and helpful.  The selection of prepared foods was really nice – I got a potato taquito that was excellent!  The same booth had take-away portions of risotto salad and vegetable lasagna.  Ana’s Empenada’s was there with their tasty treats, and the Indian restaurant in West Rutland had a nice selection as well.  I lamented that I was there a bit too early to get lunch.

Rutland winter farmers market

My hands were quite chilly during my shopping, so I bought a cup of warm apple cider.  What a treat!  There was also a musician adding lovely music to my shopping experience.

Musician at farmers market

I left the farmers market feeling so energized and excited!  I can’t wait to see how it evolves and grows.  What a wonderful asset for the city.

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