Hugs in Hawaii
Hugs in HawaiiHugs in Hawaii


While in the small town of Waikulu on the island of Maui in Hawaii, I donned my Free Hugs shirt and was warmly embraced by these two young workers at a juice shop.

Hugs in Tennessee
Hugs in TennesseeHugs in Tennessee


While in Chatanooga, TN, I donned my FREE HUGS shirt and was noticed by these two utility workers who wanted hugs. It was their first time hugging a stranger!

Getting social on Tinder

Getting social on Tinder

People have many different ideas about what Tinder is. Is it a hookup app? Is it a dating app? Is it something else? Opinions and intentions vary. To me, any use of Tinder is a good and valid one. I once got some web development work instead of a date from someone. Sometimes I end up making friends instead of finding relationships.