Car related expenses

blog-day3-squareIn conducting this experiment, one of the things I want to keep track of is how much money I spend on transportation without my car.  Yesterday, I spent $2.25 on bus fare.  Not too bad.  Today, however, I took a taxi, which cost me $13.30 with tip.  I had to be at a very important meeting and considered this cost worth it. 

Next time, though, I’m not sure I’ll use Yellow Cab.  Although the driver was very nice and really knew her way around Sarasota, the car was less than desirable due to its shabby nature.  Cabs will get you because even if you go half the distance, you are not paying half the price.  This is because there is a base price on the meter when they pick you up.  In this cab, it was $2.25.  That is how a 3-4 mile ride ended up $13.30 including tip.

I calculated that last year, between car payment, gas, maintenance and insurance, my car related expenses averaged $480 each month.  That’s pretty hefty.  I’m guessing I will maybe use $100-150 each month between the scooter, taxis and the bus (for which I will be purchasing 30-day passes at $40 each).  So, that’s a $330 savings each month.

I was kindly given a ride home from my meeting by a friend who was traveling in that direction.  My new lifestyle is giving me great opportunities to get to know people better – something that I find very important.  It gets me out among “the people” instead of alone in my car all the time.

The biggest adjustment (and one I was prepared for) is that everything takes more time.  I am no longer the master of my time – I must wait for people and buses.  This I will become accustomed to with time.

Here is a great website about commuting in Florida.  It talks about the pollution problem and different ways we can make a difference.

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