Casa Verde: My green home

I live in a green home. It’s painted green, and I’m making it environmentally green as well.

When I moved into Casa Verde (my name for my home), I knew the roof needed some repair. After a few nervous rain storms, I decided that I would sleep better if I just replaced the whole roof… immediately. I had several companies come out to give quotes and decided on Singleton Roofing. They had been recommended by a friend and seemed like a reputable company.

While looking through their array of shingle colors, I noticed that the white shingles are Energy Star rated. This is because they reflect away the hot Florida sun. How wonderful! I decided that, since my house is green, white shingles would look fine. Plus, they would save me money on air conditioning.

Casa Verde

I was a bit nervous when it began to rain on the first day of the roof replacement, but it all turned out splendidly. My roof looks great, I don’t worry about leaks, and I am anxious to see how my electric bill reacts to the white shingles. The previous owners had an average electric bill of $110/month. Mine since November have not topped $60.

Summer is on its way, and I’m excited to see just how low my electric bill can go.


  • We’re about to put a white roof on our house, and we’re curious if you saw any reduction in the utilities after all? We’ve been worried about how it might look, but seeing the cute photo of your place is making me feel better!

  • Hi Kim! I did it in combination with a few other things, so it’s hard to know which one had the most impact. I live in Florida where it’s very hot and sunny. When I moved into my 950 sf house, the average monthly utility bill was $110. Once I put on the white roof and replaced the 20-yr-old A/C and water heater, my average bill has been $55. I am a one-person household, so results would vary with a larger house/household.

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