Urban Mayhem Project

Urban Mayhem Project is a resource for urban dwellers, urban cyclists, minimalists, and folks who realize that there is more to transportation than just cars. I talk about how cities are dealing with their urban issues, including bicycle infrastructure, cyclist and pedestrian safety, public transportation, urban planning, complete streets, workforce housing, gentrification, urban social justice issues, and a lot more.

Living in an urban environment involves a lot of human contact. It’s easy to put our heads down and shuffle along the sidewalk, but it can mean the world to someone when you engage with them. I keep this in mind when planning activities for Urban Mayhem Project. Whether it’s free hugs at the farmers market or taking over a couple parking spaces for a few hours to throw an impromptu party, I like surprising people with things that make them smile.

Scary sculpture in Havana

Five Days in Havana: Part Three

In this post, I’ll discuss public art in Havana, Cuba. If you’re visiting this post on your cell phone coming from Facebook, be sure to swipe left through photo groups when you see the bouncing right-facing arrow. Public Art in Havana If you read my last post, you can imagine that there isn’t much “official”…

Public spaces in Havana Cuba

Five Days in Havana: Part Two

In this post, I will examine the public spaces in Havana, Cuba. Public Spaces Communism is a very utilitarian form of government. The dictionary definition of communism is “a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and…

Florida bugs

Florida Bugs

Before I moved to Florida, my northern friends always told me they would never move to Florida because of the bugs. I moved down more than a decade ago, and while I’ve dealt with my share of critters, I never felt overwhelmed by them… until this year. In the past, I’ve dealt with your average crazy…