Van Travel Minivan RV powered sink

Water in a minivan RV

Hurricane season is dwindling down in Florida, and I was gone for most of it. Nevertheless, I’ve spent many hours over the last few weeks going over my emergency supplies and accompanying lists. Now that I have my minivan RV, many of my hurricane supplies double as camping supplies. Many people with minivan RV’s convert…

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Van Travel Ford Transit Connect RV conversion

Minivan RV build-out

As I mentioned, I bought a bigger vehicle with the specific intention of adding some sort of camping/sleeping structure to it. I spent a lot of time looking at photos of home-made and pre-built minivan RV builds online, mostly in the Facebook groups to which I belong. There are several companies (mostly in Europe) that make…

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Van Travel 2014 Ford Transit Connect wagon from CarMax

Adventure Awaits: Minivan RV

I have spent the last 5 years in pain. It’s been a long five years. Around the time I was 40, I mysteriously started getting migraines and severe tension headaches. They steadily increased in frequency until, at one point, I was having them almost half the days of the month. A lot of things go…

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