Changing the way we eat

How often do you eat what is in season in your particular area of the country?  This is the food that traveled the least distance and took the least resources to grow and distribute.  In the future, when transportation is prohibitively expensive (dollar-wise and environment-wise), we will be eating more seasonal foods.

Last week, I was blessed to receive part of the harvest of a local garden.  Included in that harvest were some yellow summer squash.  I’ve never eaten summer squash and don’t consider myself a huge squash fan, so I was going to save it for J.  But he’s gone this week, and I was hungry.  So, I cooked some up (after a quick call to Mom to make sure I was doing it right).

I sliced the squash and fried them in olive oil with salt, pepper and garlic salt.  The verdict:  delicious!  I am now a summer squash fan!  How easy was that?  I just opened myself up to a whole new food!


Be aware of what is in season in your area.  This is the freshest, least-impactful food you can eat.  You can usually find this food at your local farm stand.  If you haven’t visited your local farm stand, well… you’re an idiot!  You will find so many delicious treasures there.  Buy a vegetable you’ve never eaten and look online to find delicious ways to cook it.  Often, the least complicated vegetable recipes are the most delicious because they emphasize the rich, natural flavor of the vegetable itself.

Changing the way we eat can have a huge positive effect on our environmental footprint.

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