Don’t be afraid to make plans

I am a maker of plans. I like to take a clean piece of paper and lay out an entire plan for some exciting project. I cover the whens, wheres, whys and hows. I write detailed ideas and specifics. I do hours and hours of research. I refine my ideas. I read and refine the plan a million times before I go to sleep every night.

And sometimes, the plan turns out to be unfeasible – either because of timing, money or something else. And that’s OK. Not all plans are going to work out.

Sometimes I keep the plans (such as the ones for my bicycle lending library) and sometimes I scrap them knowing that if I ever revisit the idea, the world will be an entirely different place and I’ll need to do new research (like with my tiny house project).

Making plans is fun! It allows us to dream and visualize. And sometimes it’s a good thing when a plan doesn’t work out. If my tiny house plans had worked out, I’d still be in Vermont (where I don’t belong) instead of sitting in this gorgeous apartment in wonderful St. Petersburg, Florida.

I’m making some other exciting plans right now, plans that I hope come to fruition. They involve many of my passions, and they are not necessarily time sensitive. They involved travel, one of my favorite pastimes.

They also involve me owning a vehicle again, but my plan is to use it as little as possible. I don’t want it to be for everyday use. I want to still use my feet and my Brompton as much as I can.

What are your plans? Think of something you would love to do some day and write down every detail of how you would do it. Even if you don’t feel you can afford it today or don’t have time, come up with the details of how you would pay for it and how you could make time to do it.

Sometimes… when you do this… you realize, “Oh. That really is possible.”

Dare to dream. Dare to make plans.

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