Getting grounded

blog-grounded-squareWhen was the last time you took a walk?  Probably not recently.  Walking requires us to slow down, something we are often unwilling to do.  We think that during that 30 minutes, something crucial will happen on Facebook.  But walking gives you a perspective on life that you just do not get any other way.  It brings you back to earth… literally.

I took a much-needed walk today because I needed help getting grounded and getting my body moving.  You only get one body, you know?  You really need to take care of it, and I haven’t been taking care of mine lately.


I was fortunate enough to be in the green mountains of Vermont for this walk.  Nature everywhere, fresh air, wildlife, dirt roads… the whole shebang.  Even if you’re in the city, though, there’s always some living plants or critters.  And only when you’re walking can you really see them.


When you’re walking, don’t zone out and think about your work or your worries.  Look around you!  Be disgusted by the trash you see.  Be amazed at the bird nest or the mating insects.  Smell a flower!  Take some photos.  Be present in your journey.  Realize that the world is not made of plastic and asphalt – it is full of living things.


Find humor in the things you see.  Say hello to people you don’t know who you pass on the street.  Have a human experience!

If your errand is within a mile or two of your house, save some gas and have an adventure.

If you live near a farm or garden, walk past it.  This is where your food ultimately comes from – not store shelves.  Food doesn’t magically appear hanging from trees pre-packaged.  It is grown in dirt and is picked by human hands.  If you eat meat, it once roamed around making noises and pooping.  We all need to realize where our food really comes from.

If you’re eating processed food, it goes from the field into a factory where they add artificial chemicals to it to make it taste or look a certain way or to make it last for abnormal amounts of time on your pantry shelf.

Every time you eat something, you should consider what it went through before it got to you.  Another great way to connect with your food is to grow even one tomato plant yourself.  They are so easy to grow and eating your home-grown food gives you a satisfaction that you can’t imagine.  You might find it addicting!

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