Energy Innovation Center - Rutland

Great things are here: GMP EIC

Today we welcomed the opening of Green Mountain Power’s new Energy Innovation Center (GMP EIC) on Merchants Row.  They lovingly took a dilapidated, highly visible building and turned it into a wonder of modern technology.  It was so crowded at the event that I didn’t get to see all of the interesting displays, but I plan to be there again tomorrow and will do some exploring.

Green Mountain Power - Rutland

I also couldn’t really see any of the speakers because I arrived a bit late and was way in the back.  However, I could hear them, and I loved that Mayor Louras said that this new building was not the best part of this project – the best part was the minds housed in the building that were finding solutions to important issues that impacted our state and the world.

Rutland Vermont revolving door

One thing I did get to see is what I believe to be the only revolving door in downtown Rutland.  (Perhaps all of Rutland?)

Merchants Row - Rutland Vermont

Plus, I got to take in the beautiful streetscape on Merchants Row.  What an attractive downtown we have.


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