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I understand that Elsie Gilmore produces a website located at (“Coffee With Strangers“). I warrant and agree that I have the legal and mental capacity to contract and to enter into this agreement and that, in doing so, I will not violate the rights of third parties. I agree that Elsie Gilmore may use my story, likeness, images, voice, name (in the format I choose) and performance for the commercial and non-commercial purposes of reproducing, preparing derivative works of, distributing, and posting my story on Coffee With Strangers in any and all forms of media now in existence or to be created in the future, and I further agree that my story on Coffee With Strangers is a work made for hire as that term is understood under the Copyright Act. I understand that if I am interviewed on Zoom or other online platform that my interview may be recorded.

I grant Elsie Gilmore the right to quote, paraphrase, reproduce, publish, distribute, or otherwise use all or any portion of my interview on the Coffee With Strangers website, in print, and in advertising and related promotion, in all forms and in all media throughout the world and in perpetuity.

I understand that I will receive no payment for my story or for the use of my likeness, images, or voice. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Elsie Gilmore against any and all claims of liability or infringement that arise out of or in relation to my story on Coffee With Strangers.

I further understand that my story may or may not be used on the website or in print. Whether it is used is at the sole discretion of Elsie Gilmore or her authorized representative.

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