Life at a different pace

I’m living life at a different pace here in Vermont.  Along with the two businesses I was already running, I am now managing a third.  Also, instead of being able to sit in my house uninterrupted for 3 days without seeing another human being, I am going to soccer games, buying 4 times as many groceries as normal and enjoying family meals.  Although life in Vermont is much slower than life in Florida, mine has not quite reached that level yet!  I am struggling to find “me” time and time to move around outside the house.

And, on top of all those things, I am also nearing the end of my first masters class through Vermont Law School.  It is time-consuming, to say the least.  The reading is plentiful and slow.  The pace is grueling, and I always feel behind.  (Although, it seems like, compared to some of my classmates, I’m doing pretty good.)  It is very challenging, and I am learning a lot.

In order to avoid the need to run away or commit hari kari, I am in the process of negotiations to sell my web design business.  It’s the right move – one that I’ve been contemplating for years.  It was mostly a case of needing to find the right person, and I think I finally have.  I’m proud of True Green Studios and all I’ve accomplished with it, and the reputation I’ve built through it.  I will be happy to know that it will continue to make someone a good living.  It does not fill me with as much passion as it used to, and I’m happy to pass it along to someone who will energize it.

The thought of being free of one of my time-consuming responsibilities is exhilarating!  After that, I can devote more energy to my other endeavors that often get neglected.  If I have learned one thing it is that you cannot do everything.  You must pick a few things to devote yourself to so that you can do them well.  Otherwise, you’re just doing everything half-assed, and that’s not helpful to anyone.

I’m excited about what the future holds, and I’m having a great time learning and growing!

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