Minimalist problems

Minimalist problems

I simply adore being a minimalist, but it was scary at first for an “always prepared” person like myself to realize that I don’t need to keep a ton of things “just in case.” When’s the last time you used wax paper? Or 20 extra towels? Or that tube of some anti-fungal medication your doctor prescribed to you 3 years ago? (Don’t get me wrong… I have a frighteningly comprehensive emergency kit in case the bottom drops out of the world, but those are the only things I own that aren’t meant for everyday use.)

I soon realized that nearly every “thing” can be easily acquired to compensate for our “minimalist problems” (which I consider akin to “first world problems“). I’d rather get rid of 100 things and have to some day buy/find one of those things again than to keep all that other crap in my home.

Today I came upon an annoying instance of needing something I don’t have.

I went grocery shopping in preparation for getting some sure-to-be-traumatic dental work that would require I take a succession of Valium pills. I wanted to get some frozen foods (which I rarely buy) so I’d have easy-to-cook meals if I wasn’t feeling great. One of the things I got was an Amy’s organic vegetable pot pie. Frozen pot pies are a reminder of my youth as we bought them frequently after my mom left and no one else knew how to cook!

Amy's Organic Vegetable Pot Pie

The flaky pastry crust. The warm, hearty filling. Why don’t I buy these more often?!

I brought this delicious treat home and was preparing to cook it the next night. I read the directions. “… Cover pie with foil and bake for an additional 20-25 minutes.” Are you kidding me? This minimalist has not bought/owned aluminum foil, plastic wrap or plastic kitchen bags for at least 2 years. I checked my kitchen drawers and found one small, used piece of foil, but it wasn’t going to cut it. Crap!

I rarely have disposable items in my kitchen. I use paper towels occasionally, but that’s about it. Sometimes I even reuse the flimsy produce bags I bring home from the grocery store filled with veggies. My garbage bags are plastic shopping bags that I get from stores. (Although I mostly bring my own bags or ask not to receive a bag.)

Minimalists don't own tinfoil

To be honest, I probably could’ve cooked this pot pie without the aluminum foil, but I wanted it to be perfect. I reached out to a friend and ended up with an entire small roll of aluminum foil because she had a spare. I made my pot pie, and I now have a roll of aluminum foil that will last me a lifetime… or more. (Someone might get this roll in my will.)

What disposable items can you live without? You’d be surprised.

P.S. The pot pie was delicious.

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