Why I’m Moving away from Rutland

You’ve probably heard by now that I’m moving away from Rutland back to St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m sure this caused you to make all sorts of assumptions and jump to all sorts of conclusions.

I’m writing this post to set the record straight.

No, I do not hate Rutland. In fact, Rutland has little to do with why I moved to Rutland or why I’m moving away. I’m moving away because I feel more fulfilled when I live in a larger urban area.

To be clear, I love Rutland for what Rutland is: a tiny city with some big city amenities. What does Rutland have that few cities with fewer than 20,000 people have? I’ll tell you.

1) An extensive bus service

2) A phenomenal theater

3) A micro-brewery

4) A year-round farmers market

5) Train service

6) A world class coffee shop

7) A giant park with miles of walking and biking trails

That’s a lot of stuff! If you don’t have anything to compare it to, you might take these things for granted, but I would urge you not to. Living in Rutland is a unique experience that combines big city amenities with a gorgeous surrounding full of outdoor recreation.

For those of you who love living in rural Vermont, Rutland gives you the  best of both worlds.