The first in a series of snarky, informative booklets to help people make better connections and have better sex. Written with love and available on Amazon as an ebook. “You’re a Nice Guy, But You’re B ad in Bed.”



The first novel I’ve written is Howard Hoax: A Cautionary Tale. It’s a fictional account of a man whose delusional drive for extreme wealth creates a life of shallow human connections and a web of lies.

The first novel I’m publishing is How to Find Joy in a Capitalist Hellscape. Stay tuned for more information.

Sunday Mornings in Bed

You can stay up to date on what I’m up to by subscribing to my weekly newsletter over at Substack. It’s called Sunday Mornings in Bed and talks about life, my projects, and my writing.

Newspaper Articles

I had a column in my hometown newspaper, The Rutland Herald, in 2014 called Rutland Uprising. It focused on all the positive things happening in the community. I paired it with a marketing and fundraising campaign after which I donated $10,000 to NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, an organization that pursues revitalization projects around Rutland.

Urban Mayhem Project blog

The Urban Mayhem Project blog began as a marketing campaign to highlight the fun and positive things about my hometown of Rutland, Vermont. It was accompanied by a social media campaign. It eventually morphed into a more general blog about urban spaces and guerilla art. That blog has now been incorporated into this website.