Goldfish mural in Rutland, VT

Random urban art

What I love about cities is the complete and utter randomness that often takes place.  I was walking down Merchants Row and was struck by this GORGEOUS mural on the side of a building leading into the alley.  Is it new?  I swear I walked this way just the other day and didn’t see it.  (I apologize for the totally shitty photo taken with my dumb phone.)

Goldfish mural in Rutland, VT

I love, love, love that Rutland is getting new murals on a regular basis.  Street art gives cities so much texture and humanity.  I’m also excited about the art in Main Street Park.  In Sarasota, we had Season of Sculpture, which was an annual rotating collection of sculptures.  It was nice because if you didn’t like some of them, they would eventually be gone!

Keep promoting modern art, Rutland!  That is a great way to ward off undesirables.

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