Real love

Slave huts on BonaireToday we went to a beach and hung out for quite a while.  After too much sun and heat, I tend to get overheated, a headache and then grumpy.  I had reached that point, and we decided to leave but not before bashing my head on the top of our cabana not once, but twice.  I was ready for a nap and some shade and quiet.  But instead of heading right home, Jim cranked the A/C in our rental truck and headed the long way home on a loop drive along the edge of the island.  We saw windmills, salt plains, flotsam, jetsam, trash sculptures, a lighthouse, historical slave huts and so many more interesting things.  When we got almost home, he asked if I was feeling better, and I admitted that I was.  He just knew that that’s what I needed and that I would enjoy it.

That is why I love him.  He is so considerate and kind.

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