Reaping what you sow

blog-crops-squareThe absolute best part about growing your own food: eating it.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than to savor the juicy flavor of homegrown fruits and veggies.  I have begun to harvest some of my food, and it’s amazing!  I have eaten three delicious strawberries and had 4 salads using my lettuce.

About a month ago, I bought lettuce, onion and strawberry plants.  Apparently onions take a long time to grow, but my lettuce has been producing nicely for at least a week.

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My strawberries seem to be thriving in the container they’re planted in.   They claim to be “large” but so far only one of them has been particularly big.  They are all tremendously juicy, however.

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I am fighting with some seedlings I planted.  They are not as easy as I’d hoped.  But I think I’ll get some radishes out of the deal, and, if I’m lucky, some decent green peppers.  It’s really been a wonderful experiment for me.  Next year I will be much better prepared, but I love the learning process!

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