So far, so good: London

Sunset over DetroitAs I sit here eating Triscuits in a flat in London, I think about how strange it is that just last night I was in Detroit.  It’s strange because Delta felt I should fly two hours in the wrong direction before flying to London.  To their credit, my travels were extremely smooth.  Flights were on time and everything was lovely, making for a stress-free 14 hours of travel (if there is such a thing).  We even landed early, the line for customs was short and quick, and my luggage was right there on the carousel.  Success!

Beginning when I got to the first airport, I had some goals for this trip that I’m hoping to stick to.  First, I wanted to make sure I ate healthy.  I brought healthy snacks with me: organic cheese nips, walnuts, Triscuits, granola bars, fruit leather, trail mix and an organic chocolate bar.  I didn’t eat any airport food or airplane food except for two tiny packages of peanuts.  I even passed up the ginger cookies that Delta serves on the plane, and they are REALLY delicious.  Secondly, I want to be as sustainable as possible on this trip.  I brought a reusable stainless snack container, reusable shopping bags that stuff into tiny sacks, and two bamboo utensil sets.  I would like to buy a couple cute cloth napkins, a reusable water bottle and a travel coffee mug while I’m here.  (I might have to do some calculations to make sure the coffee mug is 12 oz.)

I also did some exercises in the ladies room at the airport to keep my muscles active.  I’m determined not to gain back any weight on this trip or come back feeling lazy.

On the ride over the Atlantic I contemplated how I have changed since my first trip to London 10 years ago.  I was a very poor house guest on that trip – even if no one else thought so.  I was going through some heavy emotional “stuff” and was drinking quite a bit.  My hosts and hostesses were so gracious and generous, and I intend to be a better guest on this trip.  Fortunately, each of the three folks I’ll see on this trip have come to visit me in the U.S., so I did have a chance to return some of their kindness already.

One last note, I am remembering now all the things about London flats that confused me back in 2002:  the door locks, the shower mechanisms and the toilets.  Surprisingly, my friend Andrew now has an apartment with a “normal” shower and door lock, but honestly, the toilets here just don’t flush!  It’s so embarrassing because I can’t flush the damn thing so I’m going to have to wait until they get home to ask them how to do it!  It may be partially flushing, but my TP is still in there and doesn’t look to be going anywhere.  And it’s a “normal” looking toilet.  What am I doing wrong????

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