This place is a zoo: Zurich Zoo

This morning Jim and I ate a traditional European breakfast of bread, meat and cheese… really good bread, really good cheese and really good prosciutto.  Yum.  It was actually sort of brunch because we ate it so late.

In the early afternoon, Esther met us at the hotel, and we all went to the Zurich Zoo.  We took the tram up a steep, switchback road lined with really cool buildings, many of which belonged to a university.

I won’t write much for this post but instead share some photos.  Enjoy!

Penguins at Zurich Zoo

Tree sloth at Zurich Zoo

 Huge rat at Zurich Zoo

Monkey at Zurich Zoo

Zurich Zoo

Gazelle at Zurich Zoo

Egyptian vulture at Zurich Zoo

Esther is coaxing a snake up her arm.  Check out the expression on the little boy’s face.

Snake climbing up your arm

Rodents of unusual size.

Rodents of unusual size - ROUSs

The grass is not always greener.

The grass is always greener

After the zoo, some frozen yogurt was eaten, and we said goodbye to Esther.

Friends in Zurich

We then had a lovely dinner, before and after which I drooled over all the amazing shoes for sale in the closed shops.  They sell some awesome shoes here, and I hope to leave with at least one pair.

Shoe shopping in Zurich

The sun was sinking as we walked back to our hotel.

Sun setting over Zurich

I requested synthetic pillows from the front desk and am anxious to see if they’re comfy.


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