Vermont State Fair - Rutland

Vermont State Fair

I hadn’t been to the Rutland fair (aka the Vermont State Fair) in about a decade, so I decided I needed to experience the nostalgia of it.  It certainly brought back some great memories.  When I was in high school, I worked in the Dairy Barn scooping ice cream.  One year I got a temporary tattoo of Betty Boop from a guy named Troy who also did airbrush painting.  (No one does that at the fair anymore.)  I also remember the cropped tops with tassels they used to sell, along with the framed mirrors with band names, like Guns ‘n Roses or Poison.  Everyone wanted one!

Vermont State Fair - Rutland

I also remember the leather stand where the guy would take a strip of raw leather, measure it around your wrist, cut it to size, brand it with your name, put a finish on the leather and put a snap on it right as you waited to create a custom leather bracelet for you.  I still have mine, although it’s too small to fit around my wrist.

My favorite part is the food.  I reveled in my maple cotton candy and Roxies fries.  It was totally worth it!

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