Killing weeds without chemicals

blog-weeds-squareWeeds… here in Florida, we all have them.  They’re growing out from the cracks in our driveway and lanai.  We pull them up, but they grow right back.  It’s so tempting to spray them with poisonous weed killing agents and be done with them.  But there’s another solution that doesn’t involve harmful chemicals leeching into your soil.

EcoSmart weed killerI first learned about EcoSmart over at Modern Hippie Magazine.  I tested out their ant killer and was pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness for my application.

While I was wandering around Home Depot one day, I spotted some EcoSmart products.  One of them was weed killer, and I decided to try it out.  When the weeds grow through my back patio, it attracts bugs (including carpenter ants) to venture up near my house.  I try to prevent this as my house is made of wood and looks like a big lollipop to the carpenter ants.

The best method to use this product effectively is to first pull or trim all the weeds down very short.  Then spray a generous amount of EcoSmart weed killer in the cracks where the weeds are growing.  I like to thoroughly soak the area.  The only smell you will get is the not unpleasant odor of herbs and essential oils.

Kill weeds without toxins

I have completely eradicated my back patio of weeds using this product, and I’m really happy with its performance. I’ also happy that I’m killing weeds without chemicals that will harm the Earth.

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