Indoor gardening

A morning where I can get dirt under my fingernails is a good morning, and this was a good morning.  I followed some online advice about getting rid of the gnats I mentioned in my previous post, and it seemed to have worked.

Need oil spray

I mixed a tablespoon of neem oil, a tablespoon of non-toxic dish soap and a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 liters of water.  I sprayed this mixture on the top of the dirt in all my plants.

Vinegar on plants

I also left a small cup of apple cider vinegar near one of the plants because I read that the gnats don’t like vinegar.

Mixing water with potting soil

As I didn’t see any little flying critters this morning, I decided to plant my sprouting clove of garlic and one of my potato pieces.  I used an old enamel baby washtub to mix some water in with the very dry soil in my bag.  Once planted, I sprayed the top layer of the pots with my vinegar mixture. I felt like my indoor gardening endeavor was successful.

Everything seemed to go very well… until I got home from work tonight.

The gnats are still there.  Grrr.

Beer bread

Back to the drawing board.  At least my bread turned out well!

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