How does your urban garden grow?

Fresh garden veggiesI was very proud of Michelle Obama when she decided to plant an urban garden at the White House. In fact, ever since we went to war in Iraq, I have wished, nay longed, for our President to ask us to pitch in. My heart ached for him to say “Do something!” Like in the days of World War II when we were asked to prove our patriotism in various ways. We were asked to donate all available metal, ration sugar, and… plant a garden! Nothing brings a nation together like asking them to be involved in something bigger than themselves.

Even without the war, we have reasons to plant gardens. Because huge quantities of food are processed through single gigantic companies, there is the ability for large outbreaks of such viruses as E. coli bacteria and staph bacteria. It’s also hard to tell what’s been treated with pesticides or how far it had to travel to get to you.

Growing your own food gives you peace of mind. And it doesn’t take a lot of space. No matter what your living situation – urban, suburban, rural – you can grow at least some vegetables.

I undertook the rather daunting task of building myself a raised bed garden this year. I started entirely from scratch with some 2×12 lumber. I will truly be rewarded during the next planting season when all I have to do is plant it!

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