Keep your pets green, too

blog-greenpet-squareWhile we concentrate on putting good things into our own body, we should also think of our pets.  What sorts of additives and ingredients are in their food?  Most mainstream pet food contains “animal meal” – which means ground up miscellaneous animal parts.  Often, the meal included cats and dogs.  So, in essence, you are making your pet into a cannibal, along with exposing them to the danger of disease.

There are many more choices for pet food now that don’t include the meat and bone meal of animals, many of which are even organic.  If you’re in Sarasota, try Animals by Nature, a great pet shop located at 12th Street and Mango Avenue.  They have natural and organic food and treats, along with a big supply of toys, supplies and accessories.  Owner, Marne Weiss, will help you find what you need.

I was at the Farmer’s Market today and ran into Shelby Tudor at the Wet Noses booth.  Wet Noses is located on St. Armands Circle and offers “unique gifts for pets and the people who love them.”

My sweetheart has challenged me not to buy things made in China.  It is proving a difficult task, but I am trying to see how far I can get.  I am very concerned with the quality of products that are produced in China.  How many lead toys do our children have to chew on before we put our foot down?  I’m also concerned with the conditions at some of the factories in China.  We don’t have as much oversight when our goods are produced overseas.

blankI did find something at the Wet Noses stand that was made in the USA, and that was Cat’s Meow organic catnip made by Pleasant Hill in Falmouth, ME.  I could not find a website for them (perhaps they are just wholesale), but the package says that they donate 1% of their profits to animal shelters.

Phoebe (my feline) has already approved of the product.  I had left the bag on the kitchen table and gone to take a nap.  I awoke to a sound I could not place.  I knew it was Phoebe but couldn’t imagine what she was doing.  I peered out into the kitchen to see her on the table trying to corral the bag.  Cat tested, Mother approved.

You can also easily grow your own organic cat grass.  It grows in just a few days – cats love it, and it’s good for their digestive system. It’s easy to keep your pets green.

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