Life’s an adventure!

blog-day8-squareSince getting rid of my car last week to embark on an experiment in carlessness, life’s an adventure!  No more mundane trips to the post office or grocery store.  Now, I take bus adventures and fun rides with friends.  As the painful blisters on my feet from Day 2 have almost completely heeled, I ventured into a pair of sneakers (complete with socks) and headed downtown on the bus this afternoon.

From the bus station, I walked to the post office to get stamps, mail a bunch of stuff and check my post office box.  Then I walked to Pastry Art for a meeting with my good friend Rick HughesWomen With Moxie is a sponsor for an event he is helping to organize called CommUnity Food Packing Day.  After a delightful conversation with Rick, I headed over to the office of Betsy Nelson for a mindfulness workshop.  Great stuff!

When I left Betsy’s office, it was dark.  My first outing in the dark.  I walked back to the bus station and realized the bus had switched to the night schedule, which is hourly instead of half hourly.  I had 45 minutes to kill, so I walked into Whole Foods to see if there was anything I wanted to eat.  There wasn’t.  I walked back out and sat waiting for my bus while reading some magazines and catalogs I had gotten in the mail.  It was a bit chilly, but I had come prepared with a cozy scarf.  A police officer (or some sort of security guard) was on hand at the station, which made me feel safer.

I got back to my bus stop in the dark and carefully crossed all five lanes of Lockwood Ridge Road.  It was a little intimidating walking through my neighborhood at night, and I made a mental note to buy a high-powered LED flashlight.

I arrived home safely, and, thanks to proper planning, with happy feet.

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