Being single without a car

As the holidays approach, I find myself single. In many ways, that feels freeing. However, I am a lover of life, and I enjoy companionship, so I’m getting back up on that dating horse to look for a partner in crime.

This is the first time I’ve experienced being single without a car. It’s interesting to contemplate the logistics of it. Apparently people are willing to go on dates with someone who lives an hour or more away because those are some of the people who have contacted me. And while the public transportation is decent here, there are some places you just cannot go on public transit.

My rule is going to be for the guy to come to me for our first date (especially the ones who reach out to me first). Then I’ll have some sort of idea of whether he’s worth the bus fare or extra effort to go visit if he lives a bit far away. This will add a whole new dynamic! Kind of like Elaine on Seinfeld when she wondered whether each guy was worthy of her last few prophylactic sponges.

I’m interested to see what sort of people I meet. I love to meet people, even if they end up as just a friend. I had my first date already and, while I don’t think it’s a match, we had some really stimulating conversation. Here’s to much more of the same.