Getting into the flow of car-free living

blog-day5-squareYesterday (Day 4) was pretty good.  I was disappointed to STILL not have a nice day on which to ride my new electric scooter.  (We had wind gusts of up to 29 mph.)  So, I sucked it up and walked down to the bus stop.  My blisters from Tuesday are healing up nicely, and I wore comfy sandals that would not touch any of them.

As I may have mentioned, everything takes longer when you’re taking the bus.  I hope, in the near future, the bus routes will multiply – some routes only run hourly.  That is really not frequently enough to be convenient for anyone.  I am in the process of contacting the county to see how we can improve that.  I have some pretty cool ideas, and I’m anxious to share them with someone who can take action.

The waiting for the bus does have its advantages, though.  I was able to walk over to the post office and get my mail.  I also went into a book store – I can’t tell you the last time I walked into a book store.  I found a book I had intended to buy online, along with several others I hadn’t seen before.  It was nice!

My lunch date ended up taking me 4 1/2 hours from the time I walked about my front door to the time I landed back at my bus stop.  This was ok, though, because there is always time I waste during the day.  Now I will spend that time being out and about.  Even though it was really cold and windy yesterday, I still appreciated being outside.  It was sunny, and I was moving around, and it was good.

I bought a 30-day bus pass for $40, which is a great deal.  That’s the cost of 2 rides a day.  If you’re going anywhere other than downtown, this will pay for itself in no time.  Plus, it’s easier than carrying around a pocketful of change.

I had intended to go out last night to meet a friend, but she wasn’t feeling well, and I didn’t want to go to the event by myself.  I was going to use Conscious Cab for the first time to get there, but I will have to postpone that.

I have no appointments today.  I’m going to a concert tonight in Ybor and will be carpooling with friends.  I’m really getting into the flow of car-free living. Bring on the weekend!

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