Getting the lay of the land in Prague

Today we decided to wander around Prague to see what was near us.  As it turns out, there’s a lot!  We stumbled upon an outdoor market with beautiful vegetables.  I’m hoping to find it again so I can buy some apples.

Vegetable market in Prague

Then we came upon two rows of food vendors.  It’s been difficult to find “breakfast” food here because apparently many people eat kielbasa and hotdogs for breakfast.  Since I don’t eat those things for any meal, we opted for crepes instead.  I’m not against savory for breakfast, but the only option at this particular stop was ham and cheese.  Jim got that one, and I got an apple crepe.

Street food vendors in Prague

Sweet and savory crepes in Prague

The vendors turned out to be at the beginning of a long open mall/plaza.  As it happened, there was a green transportation fair going on.

Green transportation fair in Prague

They had a really cute electric Citroen, which highly resembled the electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV, which they also had.

Electric Citroen

The Fisker Karma was pretty cool with its solar roof and optional solar car charging port.  I’m not so much into the sporty vehicles, but it is really innovative.  Apparently Justin Beiber has a completely chrome model.  I bet that’s dangerous when the sun gleams off it into other drivers’ eyes.  Not to mention he is a prime target for paparazzi and the police.

Solar roof of Fisker Karma

Solar car port for Fisker Karma

The fair also showcased an electric city bus and an electric police vehicle.  I love it!

Electric city bus in Prague

Electric police vehicle in Prague

We then came upon a booth showcasing electric kits for bicycles.  Jim is very interested in this, and we each took one of the bikes for a test drive.  They really did have a lot of power.  I think it would climb our hill at home even better than my Pedego.  I couldn’t even get this bike up to maximum speed because of all the pedestrians.  We took their literature so we could look them up online later.

Electric bicycle kits

Test driving an electric bicycle in Prague

Test driving an electric bicycle in Prague

A few other electric vehicles on display were a small pickup truck and a Smartcar.

Electric pickup truck

Electric Smartcar

At the end of the plaza was one of the National Museum buildings.  From its balcony, we got a great view of the entire plaza.

National Museum building in Prague

In Wenceslas Square in Prague

Wenceslas Square in Prague

A sign on the steps of the building indicated that there was to be a classical music performance tonight, so we bought tickets.

Then… we went into a fabulous shoe store.

Colorful shoes in Prague

Colorful shoes in Prague

Colorful shoes in Prague

Colorful shoes in Prague

Colorful shoes in Prague

Colorful shoes in Prague

Later in the evening, we returned for the concert, and it was quite lovely.  Apparently this was one of the public’s last chances to see the interior of the building before it undergoes 5 years of renovation.  The concert featured works by Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Brahms and Dvorak and consisted of one pianist (who I swear must’ve had three hands), 3 violinists, one stand-up double bass player and a cellist.

Interior of National Museum building

Interior of National Museum building

We ended the night with very spicy sushi that helped clear out my sinuses.  I wish I’d not felt so awful while we were there, though.  I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere nearly as much as I would’ve liked.

Buddha Bar in Prague

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