Minimalist guide to emergency preparedness

Minimalist guide to emergency preparedness

I did no editing of this video, and I have no shame about it, so don’t even go there. It’s a bit long, but there’s some interesting stuff in there. I take emergency preparedness seriously. I hope you find my finger tic entertaining. Behold…

A few things to add to this: My car is a Honda Fit. I also own a solar oven that I can use if I stay put. I ordered a Luggable Loo as well. This is for if I stay put and toilets don’t flush. It comes with very environmentally unfriendly bags, so it would only be used in case of dire emergency.

Additionally, I got a 12v fan in case I’m stuck in my vehicle for a bit and don’t want to use up all my gas but still need some cooling down without killing the battery quickly.

And yes, I realize that was a $20 bill in my cash stash. I kept it out so I can break that down into mostly $5 bills.


  • Very nicely done. A couple of additional considerations, perhaps… Tool kit: pry bar, all-in-one tool, hard hat, emergency vest. Much more duct tape. Sort stuff by like kind and have it stored in the plastic bags in the bins, especially any paper products, towels, books, papers, clothing. Have a pre-printed checklist for each container taped to inside kid and covered with packaging tape to water proof, include your name and contact info. Write your name on each container and carrier. Sort the bins by food and water related in one, other supplies in the other. Consider using cloud based storage for your laptop contents and off versions of important papers which can then be accessed on phone or on new laptop if needed. In your spare time,, maybe enroll in CERT training program?

    • Elsie Gilmore

      Thanks, Wendy! I agree with more duct tape, but I don’t think I want to lug around a hard hat. I live in a tiny space with a small car. I do love the checklist idea, though. That’s really good. I’m going to implement that. I’ve been watching for CERT trainings here but haven’t seen any. Sarasota does some, but they’re only for Sarasota County residents.

  • One of the things that you are forgetting is copies of important documents in waterproof containers such as birth certificates, proof of residency(such as a your drivers license and a utility bill), the animals medical immunizations and records if you have them, etc. These types of documents may be needed for shelters that allow animals or for other reasons and for when you need to become re-established if your home is destroyed.

    • Elsie Gilmore

      Hey! You were able to watch it! Yes, I do have Libby’s papers in her bag. My utility bills are all online, so I could just access my account to get that. I did throw in my birth certificate and other papers yesterday, although I’ve only needed my birth certificate several times in my life. I have giant Ziploc bags to put them in.

  • Damn impressive, Elsie (if not obsessive) but impressive, nonetheless. I was transfixed. I’m curious to know, what was the price tag for all this stuff, and how long did it take for you to collect it all? Sheesh, I’m woefully unprepared. Let’s just hope that North Tampa will hold.

    It’s a bit of extra work, but I think it could also be useful if you listed all this stuff with links and whatnot. Thanks for posting this. If I survive, this is definitely on my to do list for the next round. Be safe.

    • Elsie Gilmore

      Thank you! Yeah, I’ll do that after this shit show is over. It was exhausting just making the video! And I’ve added a few things since. Stay safe.

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