People who don't ask you questions

I’m so interesting

This post was originally written on March 8, 2018

Last night’s date was D. He was good looking, and he looked younger and less like a used car salesman than his online dating profile photos. He was fit, around my height, bald and nicely dressed. (Although he later described his attire as that of a gas station attendant.) We sat outside on the couches at a downtown boutique hotel for a drink.

D spent a lot of time explaining to me what he does for work. (He manages a global IT staff that troubleshoots customer issues with assembly line process equipment.) He is also a home-brewing enthusiast who wants to eventually sell his own branded beer.

D owns a home on an island near downtown. His neighbors are annoyed because he leaves giant floodlights on all sides of his house turned on all night. When asked if his neighborhood is bad, he said, “No.” He just doesn’t want kids messing with his house. (Which apparently they never did before he installed the lights.) He leaves the gate to his pool unlocked, which I found confusing in light of his obvious security concerns.

D owns at least one gun, an assault rifle like the ones used by the military in Mexico. He built a wine room into his house and brews his beer in the garage. He’s got a two-story “party deck” on his house and owns a motorcycle that he hasn’t been riding much lately.

I doubt D could list 5 things he knows about me after our conversation last night. That’s because he did not stop talking about himself long enough to ask me any questions. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t ask you questions about yourself. Take the time to find someone who is interested in you.