Riding bikes in the rain or snow

Riding a bike in bad weather

When I got my Brompton, I told myself that I would only be riding in good weather. That’s basically what I did when I lived in Sarasota. If it was raining, I donned my rain coat or umbrella and walked down to the bus stop. Of course, my previous bike (a K2) did not have fenders, so I likely would’ve come home with mud all over my clothes.

Last week, I hopped on my bike after leaving a coffee shop, and it immediately started to rain. Not a downpour, but a steady rain. I didn’t really have a choice, so I just went for it and pedaled hard for the mile-ride home. Maybe that’s what made me realize that it wasn’t a big deal if I got a little wet. It’s not as if it’s cold here in Florida right now.

And so, I left the house yesterday during a light drizzle. I stopped by the Brompton dealer in downtown St. Petersbrug to drop something off, and he commented about me being out in the weather. I told him that it was hard to let a little rain stop me when my badass friend in Vermont rides her bike all winter. One of my objectives as I get older is not to turn into a wimp, so I want to keep proving to myself that I am not one.

I wore my bright red rain jacket yesterday, which also helps with visibility. The only thing it didn’t prevent was wet jeans and a slight stiffening of my hair due to the rain’s reaction with my hair product. Other than that, I was fine. Theoretically, I could’ve pulled the hood over my helmet, but I was worried about a decrease in peripheral vision.

I love that I’m getting more adventurous on my bike. First, I crossed the “riding at night” barrier, and now I’m on to riding a bike in bad weather. It feels good and is terribly empowering. What barriers are you crossing in your life?

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