The power of beer

blog-redstripe-squareOK, so I told you all I was too chicken to ride the scooter.  But that was before Monday when I was really feeling achy and tired.  I needed some groceries pretty badly, and I just couldn’t muster the energy to walk to the bus stop or pull out my bicycle.  I actually started longing for the comfy convenience of a car.  It was at this point that I began eying the scooter.  Boy would it be great to hop on and zip to the grocery store without breaking a sweat.

And so… despite my fears… I hopped on and drove out onto the scary roadway.  As I said before, my neighborhood is bounded by bigger roads… 5 lane roads.  I cannot get anywhere without being on them for at least a block or two.  To get to the grocery store, there really was no way to get off them.  And so, I went, very carefully, the 2 miles to the closest Publix – motivated by the power of beer.  I arrived with pounding heart and racing adrenaline… and a great sense of pride!

My first thought when I arrived safely was, “I can buy beer!”  You see, it’s not very convenient to buy beer when on the bus or my bike as it’s heavy and bulky.  Buying beer was a fitting reward for such a heroic act!

I giddily gathered my groceries (including my beer) and returned to my trusty steed.  I was nervous for the ride home, but I gathered my courage and made the trip.  I was practically out of my head with ecstasy when I returned safely to my house.   I drove into my garage and plugged my scooter into the 110 volt outlet so it could recharge.  I then drank a well-deserved beer!

The next day I took it out again, and I knew the love affair had begun.  I feel a renewed sense of independence!

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