Hung out to dry: my urban clothesline

blankI must be the luckiest girl alive because my sweetheart LOVES to help me with home improvement projects.  I can’t explain it and do not dare question it.  I just revel in it night and day.  I think one reason he enjoys it is because my projects are Earth-friendly, small and fairly straightforward. My latest endeavor was to install an urban clothesline in my side yard.

I know what you’re thinking (and people have said it): “Will your clothes really dry in that much humidity?”  Apparently they will.  I have Facebook friends who swear they dry clothes outside in the summer here in Florida.  The trick is to put them out once the afternoon shower has passed, lest they end up wetter than when they left the washing machine.

This project required that we buy a bag of rocks and 3 bags of quick-setting concrete, along with the clothesline poles that I bought online.  I let my manly companion dig the two holes while I measured them for correct depth.  It was then that I found out, with much glee, that my level  was magnetic!  As you can see, we just stuck it to the side of the pole to make sure it was straight.

I gave my fully assembled clothesline a test drive this afternoon by hanging an inaugural load of clothes on it.  How cool is that?

blank blank

I think maybe my sweetheart really helps me with projects so that when I look around my house, everything reminds me of him.  (But is the reason really that important?)

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