A Search for Dignity

It is often difficult to live with dignity in a small town. And it is even harder to get people to understand that you are searching for dignity without coming right out and telling them (which erases all the dignity you seek).  A lack of diverse jobs leaves people feeling as though they are sentenced to either spending a goodly portion of their pay and time commuting or to working at a job that is uninspiring to them.  When many people in a town work at jobs that do not inspire them, what you are left with is a town full of uninspiring people.  Housing is another area that leads to an unhappy populace.  When housing is old and inappropriate, people are left paying more than they need to or living in places that they would otherwise not choose.

People spend most of their time at home and at work, so these two areas are of the utmost importance in creating a place that is attractive for young creative and professional folks to live and work.

Everyone wants to live a life with dignity, and I am no exception.  I want to create a dignified life for myself and help others do the same.  I just need a little open-mindedness and support.  I also need people to realize that the skills creatives have are worth money – why else would everyone in the world keep asking us to work [for free]?  Clearly the skills that creatives have (videography, photography, design, marketing, etc.) are valuable.

As I continue to search for dignity and a dignified way to live in Rutland, I weigh the amount of time and frustration it will take in order for that to happen against the benefits.

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