Adventures in Permaculture: Day 7

Nothing of much consequence happened today, other than the collective daydreaming of my coursemates and I about the various foods and beverages we wished we were eating.  I know I will be making several more trips to the organic coffee stand while I’m here.

It was 35 degrees when we woke up yesterday, and I was on kitchen crew, so I had to be down there at 7:15 a.m.  Being on kitchen crew pretty much ruins your whole day because you lose all the free moments that others get to enjoy while you’re cooking for them.  So, I didn’t get a shower in, which I could’ve really used.

I think, overall, everyone was grumpy today.  I know I was.  Emotions are starting to run high for people not used to sharing living quarters with others and for those who value their alone time.  More and more, people are slipping away for solace even if it means missing class time.

Larry Korn talked a lot today about different types of gardening and ways to arrange things so as to maximize or minimize things like sun and wind.  It seems like a lot of what he’s saying is cursory, though, so I’m going to have to buy Bill Mollison’s book so I feel like I have a good reference for what he’s saying.

In the evening, our instructor was Kim from Heart of Now.  He had been with us on the second day and was now returning for more “touchy feely” instruction.  Being in a grumpy mood, I almost skipped it.  I’m glad I stayed because I was actually in a good mood when I left.  The last exercise was to walk up to various people in the group and tell them what you appreciate about them.  In fact, there were a few people I had already wanted to express this to, so I was delighted at the opportunity to do so.

Shannon let me borrow her inflatable sleeping mat tonight, so let’s see if that helps me sleep.

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