Bicycling fashion

Biking in style

I am making a concerted effort to dress “normally” when riding my bike. Thus far, I’ve biked in a skirt, business attire and while wearing knee-high boots. I want to help people see bicycling as a feasible alternative to driving a car, even for going to work or networking events. Thus, biking in style shows that it’s for everyone – even professionals.

There are several websites devoted to bicycle fashion.

I have not yet biked in high heels, but I’ve seen it done. The more biking can be seen as “normal” transportation in the U.S like it is in Europe, the more support we will get for infrastructure to make it safer.

Today, as I rode around in my stylish scarf, I felt downright European and trendy. It made me feel strangely confident.

As it gets cooler, just remember to roll up your right pant leg so your pants don’t get chain grease on them. That would be totally uncool.

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