Small functional kitchen

Things you can live without

Most people who live in today’s idea of a “normal” sized house have an average of 2500 square feet within which to accumulate all manner of stuff. With companies today paying big bucks to convince you that your life is lacking without the latest gizmo, you’ve got plenty of space to store it while you’re not using it (which is a surprisingly large amount of time).

I’m in the process of downsizing into a 360 square foot apartment. I’m already in the apartment, but half of my belongings are still in storage. However, I have not missed one thing.

I don’t own a toaster and yet I have still managed to eat breakfast every morning. I don’t eat a lot of toast, but if I wanted a piece of toast, I could just broil it in my small oven. I also don’t own a microwave. This one has been trickier, but some people say microwaving food isn’t good for you anyway. When I want to heat something up, I just put it in a small pot on low and add a little bit of water so it doesn’t stick.

I haven’t bought any plastic wrap or plastic baggies since moving in several months ago. I have several glass storage containers for leftovers and they have served all my needs. I would, however, like to get a few of these reusable bowl covers. They would sure come in handy.

I have one good cutting knife, and a few paring knives. I have one mixing bowl. The only small appliance on my kitchen counter is a small blender for making smoothies. Yes, I do cook, but mostly only for myself or an occasional potluck. I’ve made bread and casseroles in my kitchen.

If there’s an appliance you only use occasionally, why not share it with a friend? One of you can keep it until the other needs it. There was a time when this was normal. Now people think that if they will ever need to use something, they should devote themselves to a lifetime ownership of it. This is wasteful and unnecessary. (And often expensive and stressful.) Scan your house for things you can live without.

We have been trained to think we need to own certain things in order to be considered successful, but each of us should be defining our own success and making our own choices.

My simple kitchen makes me more creative, has everything I need and is easy to clean!

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