Create your own urban mayhem

Are you looking for ways to engage with your community? Or are you just wanting to see if people in your area are doing more than drifting through their days staring at their phones? Why not post your own mischievous and uplifting signs in your neighborhood!

If you join the Urban Mayhem Project email list, you’ll get access to a PDF download of FIVE fun signs – four tear-off signs and one write-on sign. You’ll also receive a weekly dose of my blog posts. Next month, I’ll give away one more write-on sign and hold a contest for those who post a photo of the sign after it’s received public interaction. (Feel free to tweet about any of these five signs also. Be sure to tag @elsiegilmore and #urbanmayhem)

My suggestions for posting your signs

  • Print the sign in color
  • Post it near your house or in your apartment building, preferably where you see it on your way in and out
  • If you live in a rural area, post it in your school or office building
  • Check it often to make sure it’s still there
  • If nothing happens for a few days, casually ask a neighbor, “Hey, have you seen that sign? How cool is that?”
  • Wait

So, here’s all you have to do to get your free download:

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