17 Reasons Why Not Owning a Car is Amazeballs

Here are some great reasons why not owning a car is amazing:

1. That car alarm that’s going off right now? Not mine.

2. No need to worry about endless loops around the block trying to find a parking space near my apartment.

3. No car payment.

4. No car insurance payment.

5. No time spent cleaning the car.

6. No time or money spent maintaining the car.

7. No registration expense.

8. No gas expense (except when I rent a car).

9. No comparing my car to other, better cars. The car we own does not define who we are, nor is it a judge of our worthiness or character.

10. No car upgrade pressure.

11. An instant conversation starter. “You don’t own a car? How do you buy groceries?” (See this post for the answer to that question.)

12. Built in exercise in order to get around.

13. Little time spent worrying about gas prices.

traffic photo
Photo by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

14. Little time spent dealing with frustrating traffic or “hurrying” from one place to another. They don’t call it road rage for nothing. People get angry when they are stuck in traffic or have to deal with other, less skilled drivers.

15. Less time spent in metal cocoons cut off from the rest of humanity. We’re all in this together. Don’t be afraid to mingle with your fellow humans on the bus or on the street.

16. More time spent visiting local businesses since I don’t have to find a parking spot. This helps your local economy remain vibrant.

17. Sharing rides with people is better for the environment and gives you the opportunity for some quality time to have interesting conversations.

Can you think of any more reasons?


  • The few times I’ve been in a city without a car, I feel this jolt of elation hearing the cars go by while I’m on a bicycle. I feel like I’ve unlocked some kind of delicious secret to a cheaper, healthier life.

    And bicycling just flat-out makes me happy. I have never, ever said that about driving a car.

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