Patrick Farrow dog

Dogs and guerrilla art

Today was the most amazing day!  I drove into downtown Rutland and what did my eyes behold but some guerrilla artwork.  To be precise, the dog statue in Depot Park had been adorably yarn bombed. The scoundrels also yarn bombed a nearby bench in beautiful colors.

Patrick Farrow dog yarn bomb

A close inspection of the work indicated a great amount of care was taken by the “bombers” to use wool threads that would quickly break down or could be used by birds to build colorful nests.  And what are the bombers’ names?  The Artful Dodgers, of course!  How do I know?  They left a calling card!

Bench yarn bomb Rutland

I decided to call up Susan Farrow to see what she thought about her late husband, Patrick Farrow‘s, statue being yarn bombed. While she had only seen a photo, she loved the prank and said she thought it was “wonderfully wild and wacky.”  She went on to tell me that when she and Patrick installed the statue, it was to show that art can be fun. They imagined children playing on it.  She said art is important, even guerrilla art, “In a way, everything is temporary.”

Rutland Vermont yarn bombinb

I sure hope we haven’t seen the last of the Artful Dodgers because there were some pretty positive and enthusiastic posts on Facebook.  I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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