Doing it yourself: sprouting seeds

There is a certain satisfaction to doing something yourself.  Whether it’s hanging a picture on the wall, making macaroni and cheese from scratch or giving yourself a pedicure.  This year, I have a list of skills I would like to develop that will help my household become more self-sufficient.  Because I am living a large portion of the year in Vermont now, I am unable to tend a garden all year long like I did in Sarasota.  Winter gardening in Florida is so wonderful.  So, the first thing on my list is growing sprouts.

Protein sprouting blend

Growing sprouts is a way of growing your own fresh food no matter where you are.  It requires very few supplies, very little space and is super easy.  Sprouts are very nutritious and can be used for a variety of things, such as salads, frozen nutrient bars or just a snack.

Sprouting seeds

The supplies are easy.  You can make loads of sprouts using just this $15 sprouter.  I bought mine at my local co-op, along with the only package of sprouting seeds they had.  Then you put some sprouts soaking in warm water for 8-12 hours.  Dump out the water and let them sit for another 24-36 hours, and voila!  You have a tasty, nutritious snack!

Sprouted seeds

I don’t think I would get the mixed sprout package again because the red ones never sprouted at all, and the green ones sprouted way faster than the chick-pea-type ones.  It’s probably better to get all of one kind.  You can buy all sorts of organic and non-GMO sprouting seeds here in up to 30 pound buckets!

Because they start out as dry seeds, sprouts make a great addition to your emergency pantry.  In hard times, they provide fresh, living food by simply adding water.

And check out these great recipes that use sprouts!

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