The bike electric

My world is expanding. Why? Because my electric bicycle has arrived from Vermont, and I’m going to be riding it for the summer instead of my regular bike. What does that mean for me?

With my regular bike, I don’t usually ride more than 5 miles away. This makes my effective range of activities at 10 miles. Even when I take the bus, it’s generally not more than 6 miles away. When I take the Greyhound bus, I do wander further off, but those trips are only occasional.

Now, I can hop on my electric bike and take a trek to the beach or a nearby village or neighborhood. I can venture to a faraway store or visit a friend who usually seems out of my reach. And the ride… it’s like riding in a Cadillac. The seat on this baby is enormous and cushy. The tires are fat, providing a smooth riding experience – a nice touch on some of the brick streets in my area of town. Because the handlebars are wide and high, you site upright on the bike with a clear view of the world.

I’ve added a few cushy touches to the bike as well. First, I had to have a front basket for hauling groceries, beach supplies and other loot. And then, of course, I had to add a cup holder for a frosty beverage or hot coffee. Now I’m riding in true style!

My bike is a Pedego Interceptor – what I consider the Maserati of electric bikes. They’re made in Italy and are very sturdy. It looks exactly like a beefy cruiser-style bicycle with nice leather seat and handlebar grips. The back tire contains the motor, the converter is under the rear rack, and the battery sits on the rear rack.

I’m still testing out the new battery I recently received for this bike. I’m not sure what the battery life is, so I want to ride close to my apartment for a while until I know just how far I can go. I’ve gone 21 miles so far on this charge, and it doesn’t seem to have affected the battery at all. My fantasy would be a 40-mile range, which seems very realistic so far.

There are a few struggles I’ve had with the bike. Because I live in a building with three steps on each entrance, I have to get this 80-pound beast up those steps. I use the motor to propel it up. Then, the handlebars are really wide (for comfort), and I have to turn them to get them through the two doorways into my apartment. Where I lived before, there were no stairs to go up, and I didn’t have to take it inside my domicile – I kept it in a garage.

It’s been an adventure so far, and I’ll continue to keep you updated!


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