Rutland farmers' market flashmob

Farmers Market surprise!

I had intended to write this post about how great the Rutland downtown farmers market is, but now I’m writing about how AMAZING it is!  Not only are there a ton of great produce vendors, but there are also some incredible “fast food” stands with all kinds of international goodies.  These include Greek, Korean, Italian, etc. The people are exceptionally friendly, and the atmosphere is lively.

Rutland Vermont farmers' market

And TODAY, while I was there, a flash mob happened!  That’s right, I’m standing in the market, and someone turned on some obnoxiously loud music.  I was bitching about it, when I saw a few people start to clap their hands in the air.  Once I realized what was happening, a large group of folks had made their way out into the middle of the intersection and were doing a whole dance routine to I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas.

Rutland farmers' market flashmob

It was EPIC!  A crowd of onlookers gathered and gave the dancers enthusiastic claps and cheers at the end.  It was so frickin’ cool!

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