Get close(r) to your neighborhood on foot

blog-community-squareIt is amazing how little most of us know about our neighborhood.  We can live somewhere for years and never get to know our neighbors.  We drive by the little “Mom and Pop” shops on our way to the big box stores and never give them a second glance.  We often know nothing about the resources within 3 miles of our home.  With a car, we are drawn to bigger, farther, “better.”

I was amazed as I walked downtown this week at the stores I did not even know existed.  Hidden gems that are known only to those who work or live downtown.  When I take the bus, I’m forced to walk to my destinations once I arrive downtown.  I therefore pass on foot places that just weren’t on my route when I was in my car.  They were invisible to me.  Last week, I had the most beautiful Sarasota day to be walking.


The little square photo above is of the delicious caramel latte I bought at Caribbean Pie Company, a cute little bakery, coffee shop and lunch place.  It was a delicious latte and I felt like a queen walking to my errands with my delicious beverage.


Next door to Caribbean Pie Company is V-Town Surf & Skate 2.  (#1 is apparently in Venice.)  Not just for skateboarders and surfer dudes, this store also sells cruiser-style bicycles, clothing, helmets and roller blades, among other things.  The clerk was very helpful when I asked about helmets.  It was nice to visit a specialty store, where the employees know something about their products – not just what aisle they’re in.


It was so enjoyable to take the bus downtown and walk to my errands.   This last photo was taken on the walk home from my bus stop.  Just another example of the cool things that you can only see when walking.


Explore your neighborhood on foot. You’ll be delighted with what you find.


  • My friend and I were running some errands yesterday around Bradenton and Sarasota. We were talking about the same thing. How you’ll be around about taking care of business, thinking about life. All the while, you’re passing by some real sweet pleasures – a small coffee shop, a fresh juice bar, an eclectic art gallery. It’s kind of a rush when you slow down and just enjoy the sights, sounds and beauty around you. A little bird scampering about for a crumb under a cafe table. A shaft of sunlight on the crown of a little boy eating ice cream.

    Can turn an ordinary day into a spectacular one in a heartbeat, you know?

  • Exactly! In your fast, isolated car, you are missing out on the vastly more important “little things” in life.

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