Guerrilla art in Rutland Vermont

Post Christmas Outing

I ventured out yesterday to see if I could find any after-Christmas bargains on winter jackets at EMS in the Diamond Run Mall.  The parking lot was fuller than I expected it to be.  I guess others had the same idea or were just bored after all the Christmas festivities had died down.

I decided that, although a bit too big, my current 20-year-old North Face jacket was worth keeping for a few more years.  It’s made of Gortex and is rugged and windproof.  To get a new North Face would be over $200, and it didn’t make sense to splurge while the old one still looks perfectly new.

So, I headed down to X-Bar for some lunch.  I was really surprised when the owner came out and said hello to me by name.  As you will recall, I participated in the Zombie Outbreak back in October.  But I had no idea that my blog post about it would end up printed out in full color and posted in the bar.  I’m so touched that it had such a big impact on them.  They’re really nice folks in there.  Stop in and say hello when you can.

I then headed downtown to check on the signs I posted yesterday.  Maybe you saw them.

Urban mayhem in Rutland Urban mayhem in Rutland

My goal for the year is to work with others to place impromptu, temporary art around town that makes people think, makes them laugh and/or gets them to interact.  If you have ideas for things like this, please contact me and let’s plan some guerrilla art fun!  It doesn’t have to be complicated – just fun and creative.

I then walked down to the Coffee Exchange to see my favorite baristas and use part of the generous gift certificate I got for Christmas.  Warm coffee in hand, I went next door to Raw Honey Apparel to see what cozy article of clothing I could find.  Oh my, did I find something cozy.  This cardigan is lined with the softest fabric.

Womens clothing in Rutland Vermont

For the quality of the items, the prices at Raw Honey are very reasonable.  There’s also a 20% off rack right now waiting for you to peruse it.

Haven’t been in downtown Rutland lately?  You’re missing out.

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