How swheat it is

Swheat Scoop is all natural and flushableI’ve always thought the coolest thing you could do was teach your cat how to use the toilet.  I get green with envy when I think about people who have done this.  As you can imagine, cats aren’t easy to teach, so I’m not even going to attempt this daunting feat on my adult cat.  Failure could prove very messy and frustrating.

However, because I was filling so much of my trash with Phoebe’s excrement, I decided a change was in order.  I use Swheat Scoop, which is made entirely from wheat, so I had the option of flushing it down the toilet.  Once, while my mother was visiting, she shared a bathroom with Phoebe and deposited her solid leavings in the toilet, so I decided to give it a try myself.

Kitty litter that you can flush down the toilet

I took an empty cornmeal container (which I wish was a tad bigger around) and began scooping Phoebe’s “presents” into it and dumping them into the toilet.  I would then wait a few hours to let everything soften up and then flush.

This has been working very well, and it eliminates any odors from my trash.  Not to mention, it reduces my trash by quite a lot.  It’s a solution that is working great for me so far, although I understand I’m using potable water for flushing.


  • Why does it need to soften up? The only questionable part is how green is using 1.6 gal of water for a kitty load? It might be greener than the landfill, I’m just asking.

  • I like to let it soften up a bit because the clumpy urine part is usually a bit like cement. I hear you about the flushing. I’ve made my peace with it for now. I’m going through a “horrified at all the unnecessary stuff that goes to the landfill” period.

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