The future of the internet

Glass storage jarsI am feeling rather dejected about the state of the world this morning.  I should wait and read my emails later in the day.  Seriously, though, things are going to hell fast, and we are doing nothing about it.  Well, I should say many people… and many important people… are doing nothing about it.  I am doing *something* but not the extent of what I could be doing.  Even using the internet, which is supported by millions of carbon-sucking servers, is bad for the environment.  I was just pondering the future of the internet and the implications of having no internet in the future.  I was pondering this in part because of Google and Verizon’s alleged plan to regulate the speed at which different content is delivered on the internet.  They would do this, of course, out of pure greed.

I’m not sure I could support any organization that did that – with the exception of regulating high bandwidth content as that does cost an ISP more money to deliver.  But under the proposed system, you could essentially buy your way into being delivered faster online than other content.  This, to me, seems unfair to everyone else.

I was pondering my alternatives for internet connection – alternative to the “big guys” who were participating in this new system.  I wondered whether I could set up a network just for my own town, so folks could stay in touch and up to date with each other and local businesses.  The trouble is that networks run on lines, and the lines are owned by the giants.  So, I would still have to use these other services.  I fear my own job is going to be eliminated some day either by people fucking up the internet or by the internet becoming prohibitively oil-sucking to maintain.

That is why I am looking for an alternate career that doesn’t involve too much technology.  I don’t think technology is going to go away, but I know it’s going to be transformed in the next decade into something totally different.  The world is changing faster than we know.

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